Anton LaVey / Satanic Theology / Christian Pornography

Anton Lavey
I have followed several conversations on “satanic” websites that revolve around the denial of Satan as an anthropomorphic being. I have been urged by coven members to chime in on the subject and so, I will indulge in some philosophical pontificating.
In approaching a sensitive subject as this, I will take the liberty of speaking my mind; as my beliefs are somewhat based upon experiences instead of “what someone else claims to be the facts“.
Those who have not read my books often ask me what type of Satanism our covens practice. Usually, the question also makes reference to Anton LaVey and do I practice his “Type of Satanism”.
First, for those who have never researched Anton, he was not a Satanist in the truest sense. Anton and his group were more “Atheist” that “Satanist”. I do find his writings to be accurate on some points; especially when it comes to the hypocritical “church” but on the serious subject of Satanism, he missed the mark.
For example, his writings concerning the “anthropomorphic Satan” are geared for the atheist and not the Satanist. He spoke in this topic in many of his interviews; saying “…..if a person wants to believe in a “real” Satan, it is fine with us. If the person needs to believe in the being, it is his / her prerogative.”
So here is one of the founding fathers of Satanism actually denying the existence of Satan. I have some heartburn over that. While conformance is not the objective, believing in Satan is almost a “prerequisite” to becoming a Satanist………in my humble opinion.
I do respect Anton’s works, writings and he did further the cause of Satanism. I also find many of his quotes to be accurate and quite refreshing as he spoke his mind on the psychology of human beings. He was straightforward in his approach and took a lot of criticism and chastisement from the Christian “Neanderthal” Church. It is not always easy to be the point of verbal attacks and mockery repeatedly. For that, I have the utmost respect for him.

“Most Satanists do not accept Satan as an anthropomorphic being with cloven hooves, a barbed tail, and horns. He merely represents a force in nature – the powers of darkness which have been named just that because no religion has taken these forces out of the darkness. Nor has science been able to apply technical terminology to this force. It is an untapped reservoir that few can make use of because they lack the ability use a tool without having to first break down and label all the parts which make it run. It is this incessant need to analyze which prohibits most people from taking advantage of this many faceted key to the unknown – which the Satanist chooses to call “Satan”. Satan, as a god, demi-god, personal savior, or whatever you wish to call him, was invented by the formulators of every religion on the face of the earth for only one purpose – to preside over man’s so-called wicked activities and situations here on earth. Consequently, anything resulting in physical or mental gratification was defined as “evil” – thus assuring a lifetime of unwarranted guilt for everyone!
The Satanic Bible

This passage clearly defines Anton’s unbelief of Satan as an actual being. He simply leaves it up to the practitioner to decide if they believe in Satan or not. This is where my belief and Anton’s belief diverge.

Satanic Theology
We believe in Satan because we have had occasion to be liberally blessed by His presence at magical workings and ceremonies. Satan is real and we have experienced Him in true form. Demons are also real and many have graced ceremonies I have attended over the years. You need not wonder if they truly exist, they do.
In my practice of the dark arts, I have experienced many events that simply defy explanation. Some would dismiss these happenings as parlor tricks performed by sleight of hand and others would simply never speak of the events ever again. I know there are always skeptics and those who would not truly believe if Satan stood in front of them in person. Does Satan truly exist………….the answer is yes.
Therefore, if these posers do not believe in Satan, their magic is, in actuality, rendered fruitless and inept. Their coven is reduced to farcical fantasy role-play social faction and the followers are babbling meaningless prose in vain.
Mastema has greatly blessed our covens and the rich rewards for respect, worship and invitations to share the vast knowledge He has is wonderful. Without His guidance, we would simply be reciting empty recitations and performing dead rituals. This is the point I have tried to make so many times before to those wanting “drive through” Satanism. It will not and does not work! The words on a page are empty; the Inner Sanctum is void and the coven is a social club without the guidance and attendance by Satan and His host of Hellish Demons.
It is the evolution of magic and the giant leap of faith, backed up with actions, that takes the practitioner’s magic to new heights. Without this crucial element, your ceremonies will always be devoid of desired results. Every member of the coven MUST be in tune and faithful in seeking the maximum magical reward. Satan is willing (and more that able) to deliver but you must be willing and able to receive, learn, apply and exercise extreme dedication in order to benefit. Since I have discussed the benefits of Satan’s blessings during your rituals, let us also discuss the repercussions of not inviting Satan and His Demons to a Satanic Ritual.
Without truly believing and respecting Satan’s reality and certainty, the practitioner is symbolically “thumbing their nose at the entire underworld of Hell“. Mockery is not acceptable behavior for the Satanic and Mastema will not allow it to continue without redress. By doing so, the practitioner is playing with Satanic fire and will be burned. Enough said on this matter.
Satan is real; Demons are real; magic is real. If they play with fire while giving no recognition to its power, they will be consumed by that power. They are magically challenged imbeciles and knuckle-dragging buffoons.
Magical spells and rituals are administered and moderated by the Magus but the real power is from the Demonic Toastmaster himself, Satan. Rejuvenate the magic by inviting the  true Master of Ceremony. Do not claim to be a Satanist if you are ordinary Atheist.

Christian Pornography
Now here is an interesting concept the Christians are dreaming up…..Christian Pornography. The term has been around for some time and used mostly by theologians and experts on all things Biblical. It has been used in the past to describe graphic drawings that depict things / events from the bible such as Hell, wars, crucifixion, etc. It received the title “pornography” due to the vivid and graphic illustrations rendered by the artists.
This scheme is different and well……….fascinating to me. The idea is porn can actually help Christian couples to learn to have better sex and more fulfillment in the bedroom. The idea is not a new one. Many people around the world have “spiced up” their sex by viewing porn. The approach is different and since this is “Christian”, it carries with it numerous caveats, addendums and conditions. For god sake, put the penis in the vagina…..end of story, but there are “rules”.

“It must depict only married couples engaging in sexual acts. This means that any sexual partners in a Christian porn production must be husband and wife, both on and off screen. All actors must be married in real life and portray married couples on-screen. And they must only be depicted having sex with their wedded spouses.
It must portray sex within the context of a Christian marriage. It must be apparent through the actions, behaviors, and speech of the characters portrayed that they are Christian, lead a Christian lifestyle, and have a marriage in which their faith is central. This could be depicted in a variety of ways, with scenes showing a couple praying together, studying the Bible, attending church or church functions, and generally relating to one another as loving Christian spouses outside of the bedroom. It must be instructional. Part of the mission of Christian pornography is to graphically educate married believers in how to achieve more sexual pleasure, intimacy, and closeness in their relationships. It can do this by dramatizing various sexual techniques and positions so that couples can learn how to incorporate them into their lovemaking routines.”

Well, I will keep an eye out for this “Cumming” attraction. Perhaps they will put a new spin on “Deep Throat”; perhaps the “Christian’s Deep Throat”.

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