The Third Key in English

Behold! Saith Satan, I am a circle
On whose hands stand twelve kingdoms.
Nine are the seats of living breath
The rest are as sharp sickles
Or the horns of death wherein the
Creatures of Earth are
And are not except by mine own hands, which also Sleep and shall rise! In the beginning
I made you stewards, and placed you
In the twelve seats of government,
Giving unto every one of you power successively Over The nine true ages of time, to the intent that,
From the highest vessels and the corners
Of your governments, ye might work my power:
Pouring down the fires of life
And increase continually upon the Earth.
Thus ye are become the skirts
Of justice and truth. In Satan’s name, rise up!
Show yourselves! Behold!
His mercies flourish!
His name is become mighty among us!
In whom we say move! Ascend!
Apply yourselves unto us!
As unto the partakers
Of his mysteries in your creation!

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