The Ninth Enochian Key

The Ninth Key in English

A mighty guard of fire
With two-edged swords flaming,
Which have vials of wrath and
Whose wings of wrath and
Whose wings are of wormwood and
Of the marrow of salt, have settled
Their feet in the south and are
Measured with their ministers
Six hundred and Sixty Six.
These gather up the moss
Of the earth as the rich man
Doth his treasure. Cursed are Jehova;
He who sits on the holy throne
And are his servants! Whose iniquities
Are in their eyes, millstones greater
Than the earth, and from their mouths
Rain seas of blood; their heads are covered
With diamonds and upon their hands
Are marble sleeves. Happy is he
On whom they frown not; For why?
Satan/Lucifer rejoiceth in them.
Come away! Leave your vials!
For the time is such as requireth comfort!

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