Stevie Nicks – The Haunting Chanting “Gold Dust Woman”

I have been a fan of Stephanie Lynn “Stevie” Nicks; simply known as Stevie Nicks to the world. She has graced the stage with legendary band Fleetwood Mac for decades.
Stevie has denied involvement in witchcraft and satanic magic however her ending of the song Gold Dust Woman is a lovely and haunting chant of mystic tones.

“Hail shadow of the dragon….” is heard while a subtle line “Hail shadow of the demon” can be heard in a wonderful abstract tone that is haunting and beautiful.
Whether she is or is not involved in the ways of magic is superfluous at best. I simply love her expressionism and of course love her as an artist.

Rock on Gold Dust Woman!

Aleister Nacht


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