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Satanism and Halloween

Last Sunday on my show Satanism with Aleister Nacht, I explained the pros and cons of the Satanic coven. I feel fortunate that I was able to find my home with my group and I love each and every one of them. I would hate to try and find a coven in today’s society; in fact, it scares the Devil out of me. I would imagine the pursuit of Satanic happiness is akin to dating; forever lost in a fake and frightening world of Christian Mingle or Farmer’s OnlySatanic Apoteke

Halloween and Satanism

Samhain ushers in the ‘dark half’ of the year and we can thank our dear occult brethren, the Druids. The few antinomies of Druid beliefs and Satanic ritual can be easily seen by the educated, observant eye. While Satanism may be visualized by some as an occult theology with “anti” overtones, the roots of our Satanic lineage have grown sinews firmly anchored just beyond our limited perception and narrow swath of comprehension, in a parallax perpetuity of the Paradox Dimension. I find it ironic that the Druids discovered and frequently used this ‘continuum of dimension’ without the aid of an iPhone, Android, computer or the internet; with only the assistance of their Familiar. Modern society utilizes these technologically advanced devices yet, believes (as facts) rambling nonsense of established religions. This is neither a post about the ‘other side’ nor a history lesson so, let’s stir up some Halloween ghosts and goblins. 🙂

The ancient Samhain and symbology of Halloween draw parallels of death and dying. As the cooler temperatures of Autumn volley with the impending bitter cold that Winter brings, the fate of all living things in nature is quietly decided. Sacrifices were often performed to appease Winter; allowing the remaining members of the tribe to survive. These noble men and women were involved in a life-and-death struggle in a time where the slightest illness or minor injury could ensure ultimate death. If the male died or became ill for an extended period of time, the chances of the entire family surviving the brutal Winter would dramatically reduce in the face of overwhelming odds. Cannibalism of the dead was a common occurrence required by the remaining family members in order to survive. The taste and nourishment provided by the expired relative was sacred; to be savored with thanks and recognition of his / her ultimate oblation.Satanic Tarot Card

Kids, You Will Be Good

Beltaine is situated near the polar opposite of Samhain in the Druid’s year. As you can guess, Beltaine represents fertility, awakening and rebirth. This was the time to thrust the phallic member deep into the moist, fertile and titillating womb with hope of a blessing from Baal. At the time of Samhain (approximately the 6th month of pregnancy), the concurrent second trimester was a critical period. While modern medicine has greatly improved the odds of survival for a premature fetus after the 23rd week of pregnancy, if born premature in the time of the Druids, the chances of survival were nil. If the fetus was still-born or died shortly after a premature birth, the fetus was drained of blood which was consumed with the infant’s flesh during a dedication ritual; reaffirming their thankfulness and renewed dedication to Baal.

Satanic Death

Measure Twice, Cut Once (No Pun Intended)

For those who are unaware, Halloween requires time and preparation to be successfully celebrated. As with anything, planning and preparation are required well before the actual event and those who are diligent, always reap fantastic rewards. Magnum Opus begins the preparation for this important Satanic holiday in mid September and the return on the investment is never phantasmagorical. satanism and satanic rituals

Disney’s Night on Baal Mountain

Satanic rituals performed during Halloween are always powerful and effective. This is a time when the boundary between our reality and the Paradox Dimension is easily transversed. The thin membrane of space and time is similar to the hymen; once penetrated, it leaves evidence of the penetration. The Gott der Toten (God of the Dead) can easily dispatch demons and other spirits during the Halloween Satanic rituals. Ghoulish, eh?

Satanic coven members work diligently until the actual Halloween celebration and rituals begin. Lust is an essential ingredient for successful Satanic rituals and magical workings however, it is also about sexuality and the connection Satanists have with our Master, Satan. While the uneducated may say “Lust is in the loins”, the truth is lust takes many forms and it is the reward of being a Satanist that removes any stigma about what a person wants and greatly desires.

Sacrifice plays an important part as we enter the ‘dark half’ of the year however, it is not the Satanist who feels slighted or any loss. A sacrifice is always required during this season and many coven members plan, acquire what is needed, prepare the sacrifice, prepare the Inner Sanctum and organize the placement of our sacred implements of our craft. This is the Satanists’ sacrifice; for Satan always directs the actual offering.


The implements (or tools) of our craft have been used since the Druidic times; used by our historical brethren Magicians and Sorcerers. Once the proper implements are chosen and assembled, they must be blessed; usually during the ritual, a few moments before the actual sacrifice. These blessings are usually performed by the Sub Deacon at the altar. Once blessed, the implement is handed to the Magus (High Priest or High Priestess) who uses it as required by the ritual being performed. Most people are familiar with the implements of magic. If you are not, simply ask a few children and they will quickly educate you on the subject. 

Blood And Sex Rituals

For Magnum Opus, Halloween is celebrated with blood and sex, encapsulated into ritual form. Blood has long played a part in magic and the Occult; its life-giving properties flowing from the veins of the donor into a blessed chalice. Whether giving or receiving this important serum of life, all recognize its importance. Satanists also recognize blood as a sacred part of Satanic Magic. From the energy contained therein, the veil separating our reality from the Paradox Dimension can be thinned even more. It is from this energy that we, individually and as the coven, peer into the darkness and see those eager to come to our assistance once summoned.

Sex has also played a grand part in magic of all kinds. Those ‘Worshipers of Nature” who laid the ground work for modern witchcraft and Wicca celebrated sex and recognized it as the procreation process that brings the next generation. Many Witches practiced Sex Magic during skyclad ritual work and their Great Rite. Many modern covens have “dumbed-down” the Great Rite and use either symbolic suggestion of sex or performs a fully-robed ‘dry hump thing’. I love sex and I strongly recommend sex magic in the coven; real sex magic, real energy and no ‘spewing in the robe’. 🙂 cuntalingus

I prefer Sex Magic with a woman however, there is certainly no limitation on the type of sex desired by the coven. The power lies in the energy flow just before that moment of organism, when the bodies are at the height of excitement. Great power is also created by using my fingertips to gently bring the Altar to her climax multiple times during the ritual. With my fingers feeling the blood rush into her clitoris during climax, I become more stimulated and create more energy. It is a cycle that works well and in over 25+ years, I have never had a complaint from anyone serving as the Altar.

A Quark Named “Beauty”

I love living in Florida, especially the Tampa Bay area. It has a great mix of all ethnic groups and more New Yorkers per square mile than………New York (just kidding). My town knows how to do things right and we throw one hell of a party; beautiful women who are nicely tanned year around. With the bodies and looks that rival California and the down-to-earth approachability of Midwest women, I am proud to call this home. There is absolutely no segue into this week’s blog post but, I needed to write it down.

satanic witches dancing

Satanic Ritual Sacrifice

Sacrifice – the act of slaughtering an animal or person or surrendering a possession as an offering to a divine or supernatural figure.

In my humble opinion, Satanic Ritual Sacrifice is one of the most misunderstood elements of Satanism. Whether serial killer / psychopath kids rip a cat into pieces, the ‘top secret’ mutilated pony, cartel members cook a cauldron of human “skull soup” for good luck transporting drugs or the newborn baby ripped from the womb to satisfy a rabid, bloodletting Satanic coven, Satanic Sacrifice has  been (and continues to be) baffling and perplexing.

Bullshit or Pâté de foie gras? Are both hors d’oeuvres?

First, let us not confuse the issue. The same sacrificium may fulfill the needs for a Satanic Sacrifice or a Destruction Ritual. These rituals are not the same, are not performed the same way and do not produce the same results. One is to “rebalance” energy forces and the other “increases” energy forces. With any ritual, you must first know your intended results to achieve success. For the Halloween Satanic Ritual, sacrifice is used to increase energy which, when harnessed, will be used to transverse the Paradox Dimension as discussed in Part 2 of this series.

Note: Seriate Esoteric §§

There are generally three types of sacrifice from the perspective of Magnum Opus. Our theology may or may not The first is called a Votive Sacrifice, which is something that has been promised to Satan and the Hosts of Hell before the actual ritual is performed. The second type is a Malefic Sacrifice, which produces injurious harm. The third type of sacrifice is Proxy, which uses a substitute such as a Voodoo doll or other effigy to symbolically perform the practitioners desires.

In Preparation for the Beast

Preparation of the official sacrifice is important however, this is an area in which the coven members can fully indulge his / her personal desires. Every sacrifice is different and each coven member is affected emotionally (in some cases, physically) in such a way that his / her individual relationship with Satan and the Hosts of Hell actually becomes stronger reenforced. The psychological imprint and trauma experienced by Initiates indelibly scorches the images into his / her psyche however, just like battle brings soldiers closer through an invisible connection, the Initiate unconsciously bonds with the other coven members.sacrifice of babies

This culmination from the time of preparation until the real sacrifice takes place that is critical for the full integration of the Initiate into the supporting and protective arms of the coven. It is a wonderful, memorable, evil, love/hate and brutal event that illustrates our beliefs and provides a glimpse into the Satanic abyss and those wonderful possibilities for our new Satanic Brother or Sister.



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