Naked Satanic Woman

Spiritual and Magical Locations

Satanic Magus Aleister Nacht

Dedicated to my Satanic Brothers and Sisters in Louisiana…….

Witches and Satan

In Europe, sacred water wells were thought to have certain healing properties which increased in strength during the Summer Solstice. Wells have often been the community center (town square of olden times) since everyone came to the well to retrieve water. It was a place where the residents would visit and talk, some making a trip of several miles; a kind of news exchange complete with crop planting forecasting, catching up with friends from far away and plenty of good old-fashioned gossip. Since these sites were so special and in some cases, the only potable water within miles, the well became a spiritual and holy place. When christianity spread into these areas, many of the wells were made “holy” by the christian pope, father, etc. The well was sacred to the christians since their “Jesus”had been documented speaking to a…

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