Ode To The Satanic Woman

I have expressed my opinions of women in several posts and in my books as well. There are however, times I feel so inclined to say much more and I suppose this is one of those times.

I believe women have been slighted in the realm of theology. Women have much to contribute to any discussion on “religion” and for those who have truly seen the benefits of Satanism, they offer even more pellucid points. Women are intelligent and not to circumvent the issue, women are beautiful and worshipful creatures.

From the beginning of recorded history, women have been somewhat brushed to the side of all religions and are usually sequestered in the family home to rear the children, cook, clean and service the man of the house (whenever and however he desires and demands). History has also been rewritten to ensure the chauvinistic agenda remains strong. One of the first beauties to be historically wronged is Lilith.

Lilith originated from Jewish mythology and story-telling. The Jews were the first to “spin” the story and establish Lilith as being evil. As the story goes, Lilith was forced by three angels (Sanvi, Sansanvi and Semangelaf)to swear she would not harm women or children wearing amulets bearing the angels’ names.

Later, this story morphed into a belief that Adam and Lilith were actually husband and wife. After having sex with the archangel Samael outside the Garden of Eden, Lilith refused to submit to Adam’s wishes any longer. She firmly refused to be obedient and subservient to Adam, which reached the pinnacle of the crescendo when Lilith demanded to be “on top” during sexual intercourse. This strong woman left Eden and married Samael. As the story goes, God (who the catholic church claims condemns the use of birth control of any kind) castrated Samael so the two could not procreate (go forth and multiply). There are several symbolic metaphors and contradictions in that one sentence.

OK, I digress. This is not a blog post on Lilith. It is about women and how they have received (and continue to receive) injustice from self-professed religious gurus who would rather have a women cleaning the church toilet than providing input on intellectual topics of discussion. In my opinion, Satanism will take any of the women rejected by or formally enslaved by established religions. Their loss is our gain. Religion continues to dominate women and subject them to such appalling actions as sexual mutilation, rape and degradation. You would think that in modern society, these outlandish, farcical and demeaning Neanderthals would have evolved into males who see women as they should be seen: intelligent and articulate beings.

As to the matter of sexuality, I believe women should experiment and find what the right “thing” is for them personally. As I have said before, Satanism does not wish to enslave anyone; quite the opposite! Satanism strives to unlock the door of inhibition and allow the person to explore and find what is right for them. Satanists do not need (or want) anyone to tell them what to believe or how to conduct themselves. Freedom of spirit, mind and body is the ultimate reward for the Satanist.

For the Satanic women reading this post, I dedicate it to you and your uninhibited life and beautiful Satanic bodies!!

Do what Thou will shall be the whole of the law!!!!!!!!!!

Hail Satan

Aleister Nacht

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