“Amen………Evil From Us Deliver…….” !!!

She screams!!!! Reserve is for cowards. This night we open her door widely and she will know us all. I bless the chalice and hold it to the inviting lips of the High Priestess. She gives thanks and kisses my lips deeply. Her hair is long, flowing raven black. I have called her heart and soul with gentle refrain. She kneels and touches me……………she knows exactly how a touch can bring a crescendo of ecstasy to a wondrous, frenetic pageant of artistry.

She takes me fully and I begin to accelerate in a steady ascent to the pinnacle perch of our Satanic sanctum. Chanting, chanting; “Bread Daily Our Day………” My head is spinning closer and sensitive, building passion, amplifying with every smooth motion. I will soon reward her with the victuals of her diligent labor.“Heaven In Art Who…..” She is taking me to that sublime sphere where all is seen in slowness and in a unity while we allow the deepest to emerge from the depths. Father is unaffected by the young gasp and screams as the wounded animal is symbolically devoured. Hail Satan!!!

I explode as she points me toward a Paten of wafers in her left hand. I discharge the full load onto the contents of the plate. Father yells as loud as thunder and withdraws. The wafers then absorb the claret of her inner thighs…..so young and tender, she shivers slightly. Our Father, as emerald lightning, departs and to us………HIS blessings linger. The Paten is thrown to the floor and trampled………….my legs are so weak but I deliver the benediction. Our princess is assisted by our priestess to a sitting position. It is complete! She is now “Family” and she will always have someone protecting her and the interests of our “Silent Order”.

“Silentium est Aureum…………………“


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