Aleister Nacht Hits Close To Home With “True Detective”

Aleister Nacht returned to his “old stomping grounds” with a blog post entitled “True Detective”-Louisiana, Satanism, Devil Worship, Voodoo and Child Sacrifice”. Answering requests from his readers, Aleister opened up about the years he spent in the underbelly of southern Louisiana as a heroin addict. He also reminisced about his experiences as an Acolyte; learning the rituals, spells, and practices of Hoodoo and Satanism.

Aleister points out a striking contrast in Louisiana; “I grew up and spent the better part of 22 years in southern and northern Louisiana. One thing I can unequivocally say is the northern and southern parts of the state have only one thing in common; both are in Louisiana.”

Inspired by the HBO hit series “True Detective”, Aleister describes the “good, the bad and the ugly” of the New Orleans (and rural southern Louisiana) occult society. “There were always rumors of “expirations” surrounding those who operated in the shadows of the Louisiana societal fringe. Those who have experienced “life on the streets” know the best way to avoid becoming alligator bait is to keep the lips pressed tightly together. More than one person paid the ultimate price for asking too many questions.”

The topic then turns to the plot of True Detective; human sacrifice including children. “I venture to say the possibilities of child sacrifice are less common, simply by virtue of the ritual or magical operation performed.” Nacht adds. He also mentions the rich occult practices such as Voudon (Voodoo), Hoodoo, and Santeria; adding the somewhat shadowy “Marsh Cult” to what he refers to as “…groups that practice maladaptive behavior during blood rituals”. [sic erat scriptum]

Since October 2011, Aleister Nacht has churned out monthly installments of blogposts that often cause the hair to rise on the reader’s neck but with this blog post, Nacht seems to stop just short of ‘buying into’ the Satanic Panic of 1980-1990s. While admitting some things in the bayou are “…better left unsaid and left alone”, Nacht leaves the reader longing for closure; wanting to see a monster that society can blame for the evil of the world.

Nacht sums up his point of view before closing the post; “One fact remains very true; children are abused and murdered every day around the world. It does not require a coven shouting “Hail Satan”. Our society as a whole, does better at harming children than any occult practice or Satanic coven of witches could ever dream of doing!!”

Perhaps Aleister Nacht is correct; some things should remain unsaid; the truth can often be much more frightening, haunting and painful to know.

Sheryle Corman

Sheryle Corman is a staff writer for the “Occult Underground”


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