There is a thin line between pleasure and pain. Both require a reaction that validates from deep within human emotions. For me, witnessing that deeply-seeded humanistic reaction emerge, leaves me “fulfilled”.
After so many years in practice, I have very vivid recollections of those Satanic Altars who were enabling and willing participants, eagerly awaiting the “Hosts of Hell” to arrive.
Positioned and prone, these humble servants of Satan offer mind and body for ritual and magical operation. So many times have I witnessed flesh and bone trembling with grim delight as the Paradox veil ‘rips open’; revealing He who is worthy of Awe!
The senses overpowered; three dimensions will never contain such pleasure…….such overwhelming emotional capitulation! I enter her sacred space, intertwined in ecstasy! We surrender to primordial human desires. Voices raise the resounding sinister chat. The five points of the pentagram become as one!
Demons surround the stone, cloaking the Altar in shadows – harnessing the residual, forecasting the doom that will result from the coven’s wishes conveyed.

Aleister Nacht

#satanism #satanicaltar


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