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Aleister Nacht – My Retirement from Public Life

October 31, 2019 Pass-A-Grille, Florida
For Immediate Release
Satanist Aleister Nacht Announces Retirement from Public Life
Satanist and Satanic Magus Aleister Nacht announced today that he will retire from public life and social media in September 2020. In a statement issued earlier today, Satanic Magus Aleister Nacht thanked his coven members, friends, and supporters for what he calls “an exciting and interesting public Satanic journey”. Nacht added “I have been very fortunate to have lived a long Satanic lifestyle in the public eye. It brought me into contact with so many like-minded Satanists around the world. It is now time to spend my twilight years enjoying retirement instead of on social media.”
When asked what the social landscape of Satanism will look like without his presence, Nacht said “Over the following ten months, I will continue to post messages and Satanic ‘sermons’ on my Patreon. I will also prepare those who have expressed interest in continuing the legacy of Satanism for their chosen roles. In September (sic 2020), I will decommission all of my social media outlets, including Patreon. My Dark Arts Forum will be transferred to current administrators and I will ‘fade into retirement”. Nacht continues “All good and evil things must come to a close and ending my active participation in the social sphere will be a welcomed relief for me. There is so much misinformation and mindless chatter in the social realm, it is exhausting to maintain effective communication with the masses. I simple do not want to continue devoting so much time, energy, and effort to social media and public life.”
When asked if he will continue writing books, Nacht replied “I do not plan to write any books in the future but….time will tell.” When asked if he is leaving his beloved Satanic coven Magnum Opus, Nacht replied “The only way I will ever leave (sic the coven) is feet-first. I love our coven and look forward to spending more time with my brothers and sisters inside the circle. It (sic coven) continues to be my rock and Alma Mater. In the past, I sacrificed so much time with my coven members to fulfill my social obligations however, in September that will no longer be the case. After that time, Aleister Nacht will only exist on the pages of my books of the past.”

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