Help Spread the Truth

Donate – Help Spread the Truth

In my role as Satanic Magus, I diligently answer each email (personally) sent to me by those seeking truth and advice. I am grateful to Satan for entrusting me as a Leader and I strive to make a difference with each and every response I send. It takes time to research issues and formulate the correct direction for these Seekers; I never take an opportunity lightly because I know it will not only affect the Seeker, but everyone associated with them. I do not ask for compensation and often invest many hours of investigation and counseling at no charge.

You can support the message by purchasing my books for yourself and others. Donating my books to public libraries or other public outlets makes the message available to others who may not be financially able to access the information.

I appreciate your donation! Satanic Blessings!


Aleister Nacht



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