Today, a female great white shark had her fins hacked off in Inhambane, Mozambique (South Africa). Nets had been put up in the area by Chinese shark fin traders, as South Africa is known as the White Shark capital of the world and ,surely, their huge fins bring in pretty pennies to those who can barely make a living. This shark was dragged to shore and left to slowly suffocate. White Sharks have been listed as a protected species in South Africa since 1991, they are one of the most important predators of the sea. Their decline is not natural selection, it is completely human caused. It’s our fault. 

This is horrendous. If you don’t think shark finning is an issue that needs to be addressed, please read up on it. Put your fears, your dislikes to the side.If these pictures were of a lion, of a wolf, of a human, how would you feel?This poor girl deserved to live, deserved to breed, not die in humiliation. 

I’ve stated many times on my blog that I respect the cultural aspect of shark finning, I really do. But there are too many people in this world to abide by traditions that were deemed valid back when the number of humans wasn’t at a disgustingly high number. 

Read more about this here.

it makes me really fricking angry that this thing has only a handful of notes god

I despise my own species. Look at that beautiful creature.. I’m crying.

jesus christ. why do people do this to beautiful animals?

We should remove their arms……………

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