She reached to her side and found the strap (rubber tourniquet), pulled me to a sitting position and sat beside me. She tied me off (tied the tourniquet around my arm), opened two alcohol swabs and meticulously cleaned the vein opposite my elbow. Looking back in retrospect, I should have ran like hell and never looked back but……I did not. I was beginning to sweat and she could see my anxiety level rapidly increasing. With the rig in her hand, she kissed my cheeck and asked “You’re a virgin, aren’t you?” I figured there was no way I could disguise my fear and apprehension any longer so I nodded, indicating she was correct. She moved very close to my lips and whispered “I’m not going to hurt you”. She kissed my lips, smiled and while looking at my vein, she whispered “You will always remember me……….forever.”

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